bobot++(1) an IRC bot.


bobot++ [-h] [-b] [-f file] [-d dir] [-D]


bobot++ is a robust IRC bot with many features such as flood control, userlist and channel control, logging, scripting.


bobot++ accepts the following options:

-h Show help message and exit.
-b Do not run in the background.
-f file Use file as a configuration file.
-d dir Use dir as the working directory.
-D Debug mode: do not run in the background and verbose input/output printing.


The bot.conf configuration file needs to be present in the current directory and is the only mandatory configuration file. You can override this behaviour with the -f and -d flags.

Other configuration files that bobot++ will look for are bot.users which contains the userlist, and bot.shit which contains the shitlist.

Also, bot.init contains a list of aliases that the bot will recognize, is the customizable help file for the different bot commands, and bot.autoexec is a Guile Scheme script that will be loaded at launch time, which you can use to load other scripts, or create new aliases, commands and hooks.

On the Debian distribution, configuration examples can be found in the /usr/share/doc/bobot++/examples/ directory.


bobot++ is distributed under the terms of GNU General Public Licence.


bobot++ was written by Etienne Bernard <[email protected]>.

This manual page was written by Sam Hocevar <[email protected]> for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).