bp_nrdb.PLS(1) a script to emulate Warren Gish's nrdb, make a unique sequence database from a set of input databases


  bp_nrdb.PLS [options] file1 file2 file3

Alternative usage
  bp_nrdb.PLS -p [options] file1 id1 file2 id2 file3 id3


This script will create a unique database of sequences (quasi-nonredundant). The options are:

   -o filename          - the filename the db is written (STDOUT by default)
   -a filename          - the filename to append the db to
   -l#                  - minimum required sequence length
   -i                   - do not check for duplicates
   -n#                  - max number of descriptions to report per seq
   -d#                  - delimiter to use between consecutive descriptions
   -p                   - use database id prefixes from command line


Jason Stajich, jason-at-bioperl-dot-org