bus_set_resource(9) associate a definite resource with a given resource ID


In sys/param.h In sys/bus.h

In machine/bus.h In sys/rman.h In machine/resource.h Ft int Fo bus_set_resource Fa device_t dev int type int rid u_long start u_long count Fc


The Fn bus_set_resource function sets the start address of the resource Fa type , rid pair to be Fa count long. Typically, client drivers do not use this interface. Bus drivers, however, often use it to set up the resources a client driver uses.

The arguments are as follows:

Fa dev
The device to set the resource on.
Fa type
The type of resource you want to allocate. It is one of:

for IRQs
for ISA DMA lines
for I/O ports
for I/O memory

Fa rid
A bus-specific handle that identifies the resource being allocated.
Fa start
The start address of this resource.
Fa count
The length of the resource. For example, the size of the memory in bytes.


Zero is returned on success, otherwise an error is returned.


This manual page was written by An Warner Losh Aq [email protected] .