Catalyst::DispatchType::Regexp(3) Regex DispatchType


See Catalyst::DispatchType::Regex.


Status: Deprecated. Regex dispatch types have been deprecated and removed from Catalyst core. It is recommend that you use Chained methods or other techniques instead. As part of the refactoring, the dispatch priority of Regex vs Regexp vs LocalRegex vs LocalRegexp may have changed. Priority is now influenced by when the dispatch type is first seen in your application.

When loaded, a warning about the deprecation will be printed to STDERR. To suppress the warning set the CATALYST_NOWARN_DEPRECATE environment variable to a true value.

Dispatch type managing path-matching behaviour using regexes. This simply supports the alternate spelling of "Regex". All the work is done in Catalyst::DispatchType::Regex. For more information on dispatch types, see:

  • Catalyst::Manual::Intro for how they affect application authors
  • Catalyst::DispatchType for implementation information.


Catalyst Contributors, see


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