cdown(1) query cddb database for info on a disc


cdown [-[0..9]|-d device] [-H H] [-P P] [-V|-?|-h]


The cdown command is a command to query the CD-ROM for track information, use this to fetch information on this CD-ROM from the CDDB databases (, and then output the information in a form suitable for cdir(1).

cdown prints the information it downloads on stdout, in a format suitable for appending to .cdtooldb. Should there be an uncertainty as to which CD-ROM information it should download, it prints a list of alternatives to stderr and prompts for the user to select one.

A network connection is required for this to operate properly.


-d device
specify the cdrom device
-H host
get database using HOST (
-P port
get database using PORT (def=888)
list available cddb hosts
specify /dev/cdromN (def=/dev/cdrom)
output raw answer of the CDDB server
verbose output
enable runtime debugging
print version, exit
print help, exit


~/.cdtooldb - default database file.


CDTOOLDBPATH - colon delimited path of database files to search. It is not necessary to specify ~/.cdtooldb, as this is automatically added to the end of the search path.

CDTOOLDEV - device file for cd-rom, overrides compile-time defaults. CDDBHOST - host to query, overrides compile-time default


Main code:
Bryon Ellacott <[email protected]>
Wade Hampton <[email protected]>