certcreate(1) generate self-signed X.509 certificates


certcreate [-q] [-C COUNTRY] [-s STATE] [-c CITY] [-o ORGANIZATION] [-u UNIT] [-h HOSTNAME] [-e EMAIL] [-f FILENAME] [-S SERIAL]


certcreate generates an X.509 certificate with a subject determined according to the parameters supplied. The generated certificate will be self-signed.


-q, --quiet
-C, --country=
[default: US]
-s, --state=
[default: New York]
-c, --city=
[default: New York]
-o, --organization=
[default: Divmod LLC]
-u, --unit=
[default: Security]
-h, --hostname=
[default: divmod.com]
-e, --email=
[default: [email protected]]
-f, --filename=
Name of the file to which to write the PEM. [default: server.pem]
-S, --serial-number=
[default: 1]
Display Twisted version and exit.
Display this help and exit.