cf-know(8) cfengine's knowledge agent


 cf-know [options]


The knowledge management agent is capable of building and analysing a semantic knowledge network. It can configure a relational database to contain an ISO standard topic map and permit regular-expression based searching of the map. Analysis of the semantic network can be performed providing graphical output of the data, and cf-know can assemble and converge the reference manual for the current version of the Cfengine software. cfengine is a self-healing configuration and change management based system. You can think of cfengine as a very high level language, much higher level than Perl or shell. Asingle statement is called a promise, and compliance can result in many hundreds of filesbeing created, or the permissions of many hundreds offiles being set. The idea of cfengine is to create a one or more sets of configuration files which willclassify and describe the setup of every host in a network.


--help, -h
Print the help message
--debug, -d
Set debugging level 0,1,2,3
--verbose, -v
Output verbose information about the behaviour of the agent
--version, -V
Output the version of the software
--file, -f
Specify an alternative input file than the default
--graphs, -g
Generate graphs from topic map data
--html, -H
Output queries in HTML
--manual, -m
Generate reference manual from internal data
--manpage, -M
Generate reference manpage from internal data
--map-full, -K
Show full image map for argument
--map-impact, -k
Show impact map for argument
--quote, -q
Quote encapsulated HTML output through the query engine
--regex, -r
Specify a regular expression for searching the topic map
--sql, -s
Store topic map in defined SQL database
--syntax, -S
Print a syntax summary of the optional keyword or this cfengine version
--topic, -t
Specify a literal string topic to look up in the topic map


Mark Burgess and Cfengine AS


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This software is Copyright (C) 2008- Cfengine AS.