cfg_opt_t(3) Data structure holding information about an option.


#include <confuse.h>

Data Fields

const char * name
The name of the option.
cfg_type_t type
Type of option.
unsigned int nvalues
Number of values parsed.
cfg_value_t ** values
Array of found values.
cfg_flag_t flags
cfg_opt_t * subopts
Suboptions (only applies to sections)
cfg_defvalue_t def
Default value.
cfg_func_t func
Function callback for CFGT_FUNC options.
cfg_simple_t simple_value
Pointer to user-specified variable to store simple values (created with the CFG_SIMPLE_* initializers)
cfg_callback_t parsecb
Value parsing callback function.
cfg_validate_callback_t validcb
Value validating callback function.
cfg_print_func_t pf
print callback function

Detailed Description

Data structure holding information about an option.

The value(s) are stored as an array of fundamental values (strings, numbers, etc).

Examples: ftpconf.c, reread.c, and simple.c.


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