CGI::Test::Page::Real(3) Abstract representation of a real page


# Inherits from CGI::Test::Page
# $page holds a CGI::Test::Page::Real object
use CGI::Test;
ok 1, $page->raw_content =~ /test is ok/;
ok 2, $page->uri->scheme eq "http";
ok 3, $page->content_type !~ /html/;


This class is the representation of a real page, i.e. something physically returned by the server and which is not an error.


The interface is the same as the one described in CGI::Test::Page, with the following additions:
Returns the raw content of the page, as a string.
Returns a reference to the raw content of the page, to avoid making yet another copy.
The URI object, identifying the page we requested.


The original author is Raphael Manfredi.

Steven Hilton was long time maintainer of this module.

Current maintainer is Alexander Tokarev <[email protected]>.