CGI::XML(3) Perl extension for converting variables to/from XML


use CGI::XML;
$q = new CGI::XML;
# convert variables to XML
$xml = $q->toXML;
$xml = $q->toXML($root);

# convert XML to variables


The CGI::XML module converts variables to XML and vice versa.

CGI::XML is a subclass of, so it reads the CGI variables just as would.


$q = new CGI::XML
creates a new instance of CGI::XML. You also have access to all of the methods in
where $root is an optional parameter that specifies the root element. By default, toXML will not return a root element.
where $xml is the XML you would like to convert to parameters. Values in the XML will overwrite any existing values if they exist.


CGI::XML does not currently handle multiple selections passed from HTML forms. This will be added in a future release.


Jonathan Eisenzopf <[email protected]>


David Black <[email protected]>