chain(3) mbk lisp-like service structure


The chain is used for any purpose, when a list of pointer is required. The use of this structure is strongly recommanded, when such a need occurs.

The declarations needed to work on chain are available in the header file "/labo/include/mut315.h", where '315' is the actual mbk version.

The following C structure supports the description of the chain :

typedef struct chain {
   struct chain     *NEXT;
   void             *DATA;
} chain_list;
Pointer to the next chain of the list.
Generic pointer used to point to any kind of object. Do not forget to cast the pointer back to its previous type when using this field.
Remark :
a specialized memory allocator has been built in order to create and free chain_lists, so absolutly avoid to create or free them an other way than through the access functions.