chalow(1) weblog tool that converts ChangeLog to HTML


chalow [OPTION]... CHANGELOG...


chalow is a weblog tool written in Perl. It converts ChangeLog to HTML and RSS.

The options are as follows:

-n, --top-n=NUM
write NUM days to index.html
-o, --output-dir=DIR
directory to output
-c, --configure-file=FILE
configure file
-s, --stop-date=DATE
date to stop processing
-u, --update-by-size
overwrite only if sizes are different
-C, --css=FILE
css file
-q, --quiet
quiet mode
-8, --utf8
utf8 mode
-d, --debug
debug mode


Generate index.html, cl.rdf, etc. from ChangeLog:

chalow ChangeLog

Generate index.html, cl.rdf, etc. from ChangeLog with cl.conf:

chalow -c cl.conf ChangeLog

Generate index.html, cl.rdf, etc. into the $HOME/public_html/diary directory from ChangeLog* (such as ChangeLog, ChangeLog.2, ChangeLog.old) with cl.conf in utf8 mode:

chalow --utf8 -o $HOME/public_html/diary -c cl.conf ChangeLog*


chalow assumes that ChangeLog file is encoded with EUC-JP or US-ASCII by default. If you want to use UTF-8, use the utf8 mode option (`-8' or `--utf8'). Other encodings, such as ISO-8859-1, ISO-8859-15, EUC-KR, are not supported.

This manual page is provided by Debian. It is not integrated in the upstream source.