ckon(1) automatic build tool for ROOT analyses


ckon -- automatic build tool for ROOT

Generic Options:

-h [ --help ]
show this help
print version number
-v [ --verbose ]
verbose output
-j arg
call make w/ -j <#cores>
--ckon_cmd arg
setup | clean | install | dry


-s [ --suffix ] arg
add suffix + in LinkDef.h (bool)
-y [ --yaml ] arg
use yaml
--ckon.src_dir arg
source dir
--ckon.exclSuffix arg
no + suffix
--ckon.NoRootCint arg
no dictionary
--ckon.prog_subdir arg progs subdir
--ckon.build_dir arg
build dir
--ckon.install_dir arg install dir
--ckon.cppflags arg
--ckon.boost arg
boost libraries

In addition, unregistered options of the form ldadd.prog_name are allowed to use for adding LDFLAGS to the linker of specific programs. The given string/value is added verbatim in LDADD. Unregistered options are only allowed in ckon.cfg