ckport(1) portability analysis and security checking tool


ckport [OPTIONS]... file [file,...]


ckport is a tool to check already compiled binaries and libraries for porting and security problems.

It uses objdump to read the binaries and analysis call and jump functions.

This package is architecture independent and can be used on non-host architecture binaries if a objdump tool for the target architecture is installed.


--help -h
Show this help.

End of options, only filenames follow.

--mode MODE
Sets mode of operation.

Load database DBFILE.

--db-dir DBDIR
Load databases from directory DBDIR.

Show vim command pointing to location of problem.

--conf KEY=VAL
Set config key KEY to value VAL.

--warn-mode MODE
Set mode for printing of warnings.

--warn PT
Warn about problems of type PT.

--nowarn PT
Ignore warnings about problems of type PT.

Disable all warnings.

Disable summery.

Enable summery.

Only print summery if warnings has been found.

Disable printing of headers.

Enable printing of headers.

Disable printing of headers for each file (operant).

Enable printing of headers for each file (operant).

--ignore PATTERN
Ignore symbols matching this Perl regex pattern.

--ignore-symbol SYMBOL
Ignore symbol SYMBOL.

--ignore-target TARGET
Ignore warnings for target TARGET.

--print-mode MODE
Set mode of symbol printing to MODE.

Print unknown symbols found.

Print list of unknown but defined (internal) symbols.

Print list of defined (internal) but unused symbols.

Print list of known symbols.

Print list of known problem types.