BDD test engine based on Vows.js


usage: [-h] [-p PATTERN] [-e EXCLUDE] [-c]
[-l PACKAGE] [-o FILE] [-t NUMBER] [-r FILE] [-x] [-f FILE] [--profile] [--profile-threshold NUM] [--template] [--no-color] [--progress] [--version] [-v] [path]

Run PyVows tests.

positional arguments:

Directory to look for vows recursively. If a file is passed,the file will be the target for vows. (default: '.').

optional arguments:

-h, --help
show this help message and exit
-p PATTERN, --pattern PATTERN
Pattern of vows files. (default: '*')
-e EXCLUDE, --exclude EXCLUDE
Exclude tests and contexts that match regex-pattern EXCLUDE
Turn off colorized output. (default: False)
Show progress ticks during testing. (default: False)
show program's version number and exit
Verbosity. May be specified many times to increase verbosity (default: -vv)

Test Coverage:

-c, --cover
Show the code coverage of tests. (default: False)
-l PACKAGE, --cover-package PACKAGE
Verify coverage of PACKAGE. May be specified many times. (default: all packages)
-o FILE, --cover-omit FILE
Exclude FILE from coverage. May be specified many times. (default: no files)
-t NUMBER, --cover-threshold NUMBER
Coverage below NUMBER is considered a failure. (default: 80.0)
-r FILE, --cover-report FILE
Store coverage report as FILE. (default: None)


-x, --xunit-output
Enable XUnit output. (default: False)
-f FILE, --xunit-file FILE
Store XUnit output as FILE. (default: 'pyvows.xml')


Prints the 10 slowest topics. (default: False)
--profile-threshold NUM
Tests taking longer than NUM seconds are considered slow. (default: 0.1)


Print a PyVows test file template. (Disables testing)