cmddump(1) simulated TRS-80 CMD file loader


cmddump [flags] infile [outfile startbyte nbytes]


cmddump displays information about TRS-80 DOS binary (command) files. It takes an optional set of flags (described below), an input /cmd file, and an optional outfile, an optional starting offset of startbyte into the /cmd file, and an optional nbytes number of bytes to dump. Non-flag arguments must be given in the order shown. If the optional arguments are given, the given byte range is dumped from the simulated memory after loading.


print detailed map; same as -m, but don't coalesce
-i n
select ISAM entry n (0x notation OK)
print running load map as file is parsed, coalescing adjacent blocks (implies -t) (default)
-p foo
select PDS entry foo (padded to 8 bytes with spaces)
quiet; turns off -t, -m, -d, -s (later flags can override)
print summary load map after file is parsed
print text of module headers, pds headers, patch names, and copyright notices
ignore anything after the first transfer address


cmddump was written by Timothy Mann. This man page was generated by Branden Robinson from comments in the source code.

See also


See the LDOS Quarterly, April 1, 1982 (Vol 1, No 4), for documentation of the TRS-80 DOS /cmd file format. It is available on the Web at