collectd-email(5) Documentation of collectd's email plugin


# See collectd.conf(5)
LoadPlugin email
# ...
<Plugin email>
SocketGroup "collectd"
SocketPerms "0770"
MaxConns 5


The "email plugin" opens an UNIX-socket over which one can submit email statistics, such as the number of ``ham'', ``spam'', ``virus'', etc. mails received/handled, spam scores and matched spam checks.

This plugin is intended to be used with the Mail::SpamAssassin::Plugin::Collectd SpamAssassin-plugin which is included in contrib/, but is of course not limited to that use.


This plugin collects data indirectly by providing a UNIX-socket that external programs can connect to. A simple line based protocol is used to communicate with the plugin:
  • E-Mail type (e.g. ``ham'', ``spam'', ``virus'', ...) and size (bytes):


    If "size" is less than or equal to zero, "size" is ignored.

  • Spam score:

  • Successful spam checks (e.g. ``BAYES_99'', ``SUBJECT_DRUG_GAP_C'', ...):


    Each line is limited to 256 characters (including the newline character). Longer lines will be ignored.


The "email plugin" has been written by Sebastian Harl <sh at>.

The SpamAssassin-plugin has been written by Alexander Wirt <formorer at>.

This manpage has been written by Florian Forster <octo at>.