srch_strings(1) display printable strings in files


srch_strings [options] [files]


Scan the entire file, not just the data section.
Print the name of the file before each string.
-n number, -number
Locate and print any NUL-terminated sequence of at least number characters (default 4).
-t {o,x,d}
Print the location of the string in base 8, 10 or 16.
An alias for --radix=o.
-e {s,S,b,l,B,L}
Select character size and endianness: s = 7-bit, S = 8-bit, {b,l} = 16-bit, {B,L} = 32-bit.
Display command line help.
Print the program's version number.


The SleuthKit is copyright (c) Brian Carrier.

This manual page was written by Martin A. Godisch for Debian GNU/Linux, but may be used by others.