compiz(1) OpenGL window and compositing manager


compiz [options] [plugins]


compiz is a compositing window-manager using OpenGL for rendering.


--display DISPLAY
Manage the display called DISPLAY instead of the name obtained from the $DISPLAY environment variable.
--bg-image IMAGE
Use IMAGE as background image.
--refresh-rate RATE
Set the default refresh rate.
Use a fast texture filter.
Force an indirect rendering context. Use this when running compiz on AIGLX.
Disable strict binding of textures. This may improve performance in some situations (running on XGL). As opposed to strict binding, however, this isn't guaranteed to work. Use with care.
Replace any existing window managers on the given X display.
Disable the session management.
--sm-client-id ID
Use the given ID as the client ID for session management.
Disable output screen detection.
Disable the use of FBOs (frame buffer objects). This can be useful to work around drivers with broken FBO implementations.
Do not use desktop hints (number of desktops, current desktop) as left by the previous window manager.
Manage only the screen defined by $DISPLAY (or given by the --display option) and leave all other screens alone.
Use the root window instead of the composite overlay window for drawing.
Show the compiz version string.
Show a summary of the command-line options.


compiz was written by David Reveman <[email protected]> and others.

This manual page was written by Thierry Reding <[email protected]>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).