condor_rmdir Windows(1) only no-fail deletion of directories


condor_rmdir [/HELP | /?]


condor_rmdir[/VERBOSE] [/DIAGNOSTIC] [/PATH:<path>] [/S] [/C] [/Q] [/NODEL] directory


condor_rmdircan delete a specified directory, and will not fail if the directory contains files that have ACLs that deny the SYSTEM process delete access, unlike the built-in Windows rmdircommand.

The directory to be removed together with other command line arguments may be specified within a file named filename, prefixing this argument with an @ character.

The condor_rmdir.exeexecutable is is intended to be used by HTCondor with the /S/Coptions, which cause it to recurse into subdirectories and continue on errors.



Print usage information.


Print usage information.


Print detailed output.


Print out the internal flow of control information.


Remove the directory given by <path>.


Include subdirectories in those removed.


Continue even if access is denied.


Print error output only.


Do not remove directories. ACLs may still be changed.

Exit Status

condor_rmdirwill exit with a status value of 0 (zero) upon success, and it will exit with the standard HRESULT error code upon failure.


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