convert-dtsv0(1) Conversion to Version 1


/usr/bin/convert-dtsv0 [<input_filename ... >]


convert-dtsv0 is a small utility program which converts (DTS)

Device Tree Source from the obsolete version 0 to version 1. Version 1 DTS files are marked by line "/dts-v1/;" at the top of the file.

Each file passed will be converted to the new /dts-v1/ version by creating a new file with a "v1" appended the filename.

Comments, empty lines, etc. are preserved.


convert-dtsv0 was written by David Gibson <[email protected]>. Since April 1, 2006, Jon Loeliger <[email protected]> assumes maintainership.

This manual page was written by Héctor Orón <[email protected]>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).