CopyFS(1) Versioning File System for FUSE


CopyFS is a copy-on-write, versioning file system for FUSE. CopyFS can be used to maintain the revision history of a directory containing files for which you want to track changes, and be able to revert to any older version. CopyFS lets you do that by transparently making backups of each file that you modify so that you can review and revert to any previous revision.

Here is the list of commands related to CopyFS. See their man pages for additional documentation.

Allows a directory to be placed under CopyFS revision control.
This command lets you check the revision history of a file, and revert to an older version.
The CopyFS file system itself. You should not have to run it directly, instead use the copyfs-mount command.


CopyFS 1.0 was released in December 2004.


CopyFS was created by Thomas Joubert and Nicolas Vigier <[email protected]>


<> CopyFS web site.

<> FUSE - Filesystem in USErspace