corosync-cmapctl:(8) A tool for accessing the object database.


usage: corosync-cmapctl [-b] [-dghsTtp] [params...]
-b show binary values

Set key:

corosync-cmapctl -s key_name type value
where type is one of ([i|u][8|16|32|64] | flt | dbl | str | bin) for bin, value is file name (or - for stdin)

Load settings from a file:

corosync-cmapctl -p filename
the format of the file is: [^[^]]<key_name>[ <type> <value>]
Keys prefixed with single caret ('^') are deleted (see -d).
Keys (actually prefixes) prefixed with double caret ('^^') are deleted by prefix (see -D).
<type> and <value> are optional (not checked) in above cases.
Other keys are set (see -s) so both <type> and <value> are required.

Delete key:

corosync-cmapctl -d key_name...

Delete multiple keys with prefix:

corosync-cmapctl -D key_prefix...

Get key:

corosync-cmapctl [-b] -g key_name...

Display all keys:

corosync-cmapctl [-b]

Display keys with prefix key_name:

corosync-cmapctl [-b] key_name...

Track changes on keys with key_name:

corosync-cmapctl [-b] -t key_name

Track changes on keys with key prefix:

corosync-cmapctl [-b] -T key_prefix