Courier::Config(3) Class providing configuration information for Perl modules


use Courier::Config;

# Courier base configuration:
my $config_dir = Courier::Config->config_dir;
my $runtime_dir = Courier::Config->runtime_dir;
my $courier_executable = Courier::Config->courier_executable;
my $courier_version = Courier::Config->courier_version;

# Courier::Filter configuration:
my $filter_conf_file = Courier::Config->filter_conf_file;


This class provides configuration information for Perl modules related to the Courier MTA, e.g. installation specific file system paths.

Courier base configuration

The following methods provide information about Courier's base configuration:
config_dir: returns string
The base configuration directory of Courier.
runtime_dir: returns string
The directory where Courier keeps the message queue ("msgq", "msgs", "tmp") and courierfilter sockets ("filters", "allfilters").
courier_executable: returns string
The full path of the Courier daemon executable.
courier_version: returns version
The version number of the Courier installation.

Courier::Filter configuration

The following Courier::Filter configuration information is provided:
filter_conf_file: returns string
The absolute file name of the Courier::Filter courier-filter-perl configuration file.


Julian Mehnle <[email protected]>