Crypt::DSA::Signature(3) DSA signature object


use Crypt::DSA::Signature;
my $sig = Crypt::DSA::Signature->new;


Crypt::DSA::Signature represents a DSA signature. It has 2 methods, r and s, which are the big number representations of the 2 pieces of the DSA signature.


Crypt::DSA::Signature->new( %options )

Creates a new signature object, and optionally initializes it with the information in %options, which can contain:
  • Content

    An ASN.1-encoded string representing the DSA signature. In ASN.1 notation, this looks like:

        SEQUENCE {
            r INTEGER,
            s INTEGER

    If Content is provided, new will automatically call the deserialize method to parse the content, and set the r and s methods on the resulting Crypt::DSA::Signature object.


Serializes the signature object $sig into the format described above: an ASN.1-encoded representation of the signature, using the ASN.1 syntax above.


Please see the Crypt::DSA manpage for author, copyright, and license information.