csg_resample(1) Part of the VOTCA package




Change grid and interval of any sort of table files. Mainly called internally by inverse script, can also be used to manually prepare input files for coarse-grained simulations.

Please visit the program site at __http://www.votca.org__.


Allowed options:

produce this help message
--in arg
table to read
--out arg
table to write
--derivative arg
table to write
--grid arg
new grid spacing (min:step:max). If 'grid' is specified only, interpolation is performed.
--type arg (=akima)
[cubic|akima|linear]. If option is not specified, the default type 'akima' is assumed.
--fitgrid arg
specify fit grid (min:step:max). If 'grid' and 'fitgrid' are specified, a fit is performed.
Option for fitgrid: Normally, values out of fitgrid boundaries are cut off. If they shouldn't, choose --nocut.
--comment arg
store a comment in the output table
--boundaries arg
(natural|periodic|derivativezero) sets boundary conditions


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