ctermd(8) CTERM services for Linux


[-dvVh] [-l logtype]


Allows remote users to connect as a terminal over DECnet.

This application implements the CTERM protocol over DECnet for allowing a remote DECnet host emulating a DEC VT100 terminal to connect to Linux.

Normally this daemon will be run from dnetd(8) rather than by hand.


Set logging options. The following are available:
-lm Log to /dev/mono. (only useful if you have my mono monitor driver or mdacon and a second monitor)
-le Log to stderr. Use this for debugging or testing combined with -d.
-ls Log to syslog(3). This is the default if no options are given.
Don't fork and run the background. Use this for debugging.
Verbose. The more of these there are the more verbose ctermd will be.
-h -?
Displays help for using the command.
Show the version of ctermd.


Starting the ctermd daemon/Connecting to linux from a VAX.

On Linux:

   # ctermd  

On the VAX:

   $ set host pclnx

   Ctermd Version 1.0.0
   DECnet for Linux