Curses::UI::Window(3) Create and manipulate Window widgets




use Curses::UI;
my $cui = new Curses::UI;
my $win = $cui->add(
'window_id', 'Window',


Curses::UI::Window is a window widget. It can be added to a Curses::UI instance. After that the window can be filled with other widgets to create an application window. For information on how to fill the window with widgets, see Curses::UI::Container.


-parent, -x, -y, -width, -height, -pad, -padleft, -padright, -padtop, -padbottom, -ipad, -ipadleft, -ipadright, -ipadtop, -ipadbottom, -title, -titlefullwidth, -titlereverse, -onfocus, -onblur

For an explanation of these standard options, see Curses::UI::Widget.


  • -centered < BOOLEAN >

    A window can automatically be drawn in the center of the screen. To enable this option use a true value and to disable it use a false value. The default is not to center a window. Example:

        $cui->add('mywindow', 'Window', -centered => 1);


  • new ( OPTIONS )
  • layout ( )
  • draw ( BOOLEAN )
  • focus ( )
  • onFocus ( CODEREF )
  • onBlur ( CODEREF )
  • intellidraw ( )

    These are standard methods. See Curses::UI::Widget for an explanation of these.

  • modalfocus ( )

    If this method is called, the window will get modal focus. This means that all events will be sent to this window. By calling the loose_focus method, the window will loose its focus.

  • loose_focus ( )

    This method will have the window loose its focus (using this method you can also let a modal focused window loose its focus).


Copyright (c) 2001-2002 Maurice Makaay. All rights reserved.

Maintained by Marcus Thiesen ([email protected])

This package is free software and is provided ``as is'' without express or implied warranty. It may be used, redistributed and/or modified under the same terms as perl itself.