Cython(1) compile Cython code (.pyx) into C to build a Python extension


cython [,options/] ,sourcefile.{pyx,py} /...


Cython ( is a compiler for code written in the Cython language. Cython is based on Pyrex by Greg Ewing.


-V, --version
Display version number of cython compiler
-l, --create-listing
Write error messages to a listing file
-I, --include-dir <directory>
Search for include files in named directory (multiple include directories are allowed).
-o, --output-file <filename>
Specify name of generated C file
-t, --timestamps
Only compile newer source files
-f, --force
Compile all source files (overrides implied -t)
-v, --verbose
Be verbose, print file names on multiple compilation
-p, --embed-positions
If specified, the positions in Cython files of each function definition is embedded in its docstring.
--cleanup <level>
Release interned objects on python exit, for memory debugging. Level indicates aggressiveness, default 0 releases nothing.
-w, --working <directory>
Sets the working directory for Cython (the directory modules are searched from)
Output debug information for cygdb
--gdb-outdir <directory>
Specify gdb debug information output directory. Implies --gdb.
-D, --no-docstrings
Strip docstrings from the compiled module.
-a, --annotate
Produce a colorized HTML version of the source.
--annotate-coverage <cov.xml>
Annotate and include coverage information from cov.xml.
Produce #line directives pointing to the .pyx source
Output a C++ rather than C file.
Generate a main() function that embeds the Python interpreter.
Compile based on Python-2 syntax and code semantics.
Compile based on Python-3 syntax and code semantics.
Change some compile time errors to runtime errors to improve Python compatibility
Add cincluded headers to any auto-generated header files.
Abort the compilation on the first error
--warning-errors, -Werror
Make all warnings into errors
--warning-extra, -Wextra
Enable extra warnings
-X, --directive <name>=<value>[,<name=value,...] Overrides a compiler directive