LqrColDepth(3) carver objects colour depth specification


The default LqrCarver object constructor lqr_carver_new uses a colour depth of 8 bits per channel, and therefore its input must be an array of unsigned chars. However, the LqrCarver objects can handle images of grater colour depth, if they are created with the lqr_carver_new_ext constructor. The possible colour depths are specified through variables of type LqrColDepth, which is an enum type; its possible values, and the type of the input buffer associated with them, are:


use type guchar (8 bit unsigned integers) - the default


use type guint16 (16 bit unsigned integers)


use type gfloat (32 bit floating point)


use type gdouble (64 bit floating point)

These values are also relevant when reading out a LqrCarver object with the functions lqr_carver_scan_ext or lqr_carver_scan_line_ext, since the readout buffer must be cast to the appropriate type to be actually read.

The colour depth of an LqrCarver object can be obtained with the function lqr_carver_get_col_depth.


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