dbin(1) Connect sound card input to DB Fourier Synthesis daemon


dbin [options]


The dbin tool allows to connect a sound card's input channel to dbfsd. Both dbin and dbfsd are part of the DBMix project, a digital audio mixing system. dbin is needed to mix in data from a microphone, or from an external audio device plugged into the line-in jack.

The audio device used by dbin must support full-duplex operation. Also, this device must not be used for the master or cue output of dbfsd. Otherwise, dbin will output but an empty audio stream.


Input data comprises of PCM-coded 8bit unsigned samples. (Default: 16bit signed samples.)
-a dev
Connect to audio device dev. (Default: /dev/dsp.)
-c n
Connect to channel n of dbfsd. (Default: first channel available.)
Print out debug messages to console. (Default: debugging disabled.)
Print summary of available options.
Audio input is a line-in source. (Default: input is a microphone source.) source.)
Input data is a mono stream. (Default: interleaved stereo stream.)
-r rate
Input data is sampled at rate Hertz. (Default: 44100Hz.)
Send output data to stdout. (Default: Send output to dbfsd.) dbfsd.


This manual page was written by Daniel Kobras <[email protected]>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others). It is heavily based on DBMix's README file written by Robert Michael S Dean.