ebug-client(1) Debugger client for remote debugging Perl script


ebug-client -key <secret> -port <port>


ebug-client is an debugger front end for attaching to remotely executing perl script, running on ebug-server.

To invoke ebug-client, you must first invoke ebug-server to run debuggee and generate ``key'' and ``port'' needed for connection. When ebug-server is invoked, it will show exact command-line to invoke ebug-client.


 # Attach to ebug-server running on port 4023, with key "begripra"
 $ ebug-client -key begripra -port 4023


Currently, you cannot ``restart'' debuggee. You'll need to restart one manually by re-invoking both ebug-server and ebug-client.

Since Devel::ebug::Backend listens to ``localhost'' socket, you will need to relay I/O using tool like socat for true remote debugging.

Internally, thanks for it being free software, it is almost a complete ripoff of Devel::ebug source.


Taisuke Yamada, <tyamadajp!list!rakugaki!org>