dd-list(1) nicely list .deb packages and their maintainers


dd-list [-hiusV] [--help] [--stdin] [--sources Sources_file] [--dctrl] [--version] [--uploaders] [package ...]


dd-list produces nicely formatted lists of Debian (.deb) packages and their maintainers.

Input is a list of source or binary package names on the command line (or the standard input if --stdin is given). Output is a list of the following format, where package names are source packages by default:

J. Random Developer <[email protected]>
j-random-package j-random-other
Diana Hacker <[email protected]>
fun-package more-fun-package

This is useful when you want, for example, to produce a list of packages that need to attention from their maintainers, e.g., to be rebuilt when a library version transition happens.


-h, --help
Print brief help message.
-i, --stdin
Read package names from the standard input, instead of taking them from the command line. Package names are whitespace delimited.
-d, --dctrl
Read package list from standard input in the format of a Debian package control file. This includes the status file, or output of apt-cache. This is the fastest way to use dd-list, as it uses the maintainer information from the input instead of looking up the maintainer of each listed package.
If no Source: line is given, the Package: name is used for output, which might be a binary package name.
-z, --uncompress
Try to uncompress the --dctrl input before parsing. Supported compression formats are gz, bzip2 or xz.
-s, --sources Sources_file
Read package information from the specified Sources_files. This can be given multiple times. The files can be gz, bzip2 or xz compressed. If the filename does not end in .gz, .bz2 or .xz, then the -z option must be used.
If no Sources_files are specified, any files matching /var/lib/apt/lists/*_source_Sources will be used.
-u, --uploaders
Also list developers who are named as uploaders of packages, not only the maintainers; this is the default behaviour, use --nouploaders to prevent it. Uploaders are indicated with "(U)" appended to the package name.
-nou, --nouploaders
Only list package Maintainers, do not list Uploaders.
-b, --print-binary
Use binary package names in the output instead of source package names (has no effect with --dctrl if the Package: line contains source package names).
-V, --version
Print the version.


Lars Wirzenius <[email protected]>

Joey Hess <[email protected]>