Debbugs::Recipients(3) Determine recipients of messages from the bts




None known.


     add_recipients(data => $data,
                    recipients => \%recipients;

Given data (from read_bug or similar) (or an arrayref of data), calculates the addresses which need to receive mail involving this bug.

data --- Data from read_bug or similar; can be an arrayref of data
recipients --- hashref of recipient data structure; pass to subsequent calls of add_recipients or
debug --- optional


     my @recipients = determine_recipients(recipients => \%recipients,
                                           bcc => 1,
     my %recipients => determine_recipients(recipients => \%recipients,);
     # or a crazy example:
     send_mail_message(message => $message,
                       recipients =>
                          values %{{determine_recipients(
                                recipients => \%recipients)

Using the recipient hashref, determines the set of recipients.

If you specify one of "bcc", "cc", or "to", you will receive only a LIST of recipients which the main should be Bcc'ed, Cc'ed, or To'ed respectively. By default, a LIST with keys bcc, cc, and to is returned with ARRAYREF values correponding to the users to whom a message should be sent.

address_only --- whether to only return mail addresses without reasons or realnamesq

Passing more than one of bcc, cc or to is a fatal error.



          _add_address(recipients => $param{recipients},
                       address => $addmaint,
                       reason => $param{data}{package},
                       bug_num => $param{data}{bug_num},
                       type  => 'cc',