defoma-font(1) register/unregister font(s) to Debian Font Manager


defoma-font [options] register category font hints...
defoma-font [options] unregister category font
defoma-font [options] reregister category font hints...
defoma-font [options] purge category font
defoma-font [options] register-all hintfile
defoma-font [options] unregister-all hintfile
defoma-font [options] reregister-all hintfile
defoma-font [options] purge-all hintfile


defoma-font is a tool to register or unregister font(s) to Defoma, Debian Font Manager. Defoma then calls Defoma-configuration-scripts provided by applications to make the font(s) configured for the applications which can make use of them. It is supposed to be called from postinst and prerm scripts, but may be called from console for not-packaged addon fonts.

There are two methods of registering/unregistering font(s): by specifying one font with its hints, or through a hintfile , which describes several fonts with their hints. Font packages may possibly use the latter method, installing a hintfile under /etc/defoma/hints as conffile. The latter method has '-all' added in the commands.

category specifies the category of a font like type1, truetype and so on. font specifies the font itself and is either a full path to the font, or a logical font name. hints specify the hints of the font, which contain essential information of the font like FontName, Charset and Encoding, appearance information of the font representing its face like Weight, Shape, GeneralFamily and Width, and additional information of the font like Alias and Priority.


Register the specified font with the specified hints into the specified category unless the font is already registered.
Unregister the specified font which must be already registered in the specified category. If the font is marked as use or exclude in an Id cache of a certain application, the marks are left intact.
If the specified font is already registered, the registered hints and the specified hints are compared. If these hints differs, the font first gets unregistered and then newly registered with the specified new hints. If the font is not registered, following process is the same as register command.
This command is almost the same as unregister command, except that this command removes the marks in an Id cache.
These commands operate all the fonts written in the specified hintfile.


Exit with true value (0) even if error occurs.
Verbose output.
More verbose output.
Quiet output.


defoma-font -vt register type1 /usr/share/fonts/type1/foo.pfa \
  --FontName Helvetica --Charset ISO8859-1 --Weight Medium \
  --Shape Upright NoSerif --GeneralFamily SansSerif
defoma-font reregister-all /etc/defoma/hints/microsoft.hints