detector2nexus(1) create NeXus detector definition


usage: detector2nexus [options] [options] -o nxs.h5

Convert a complex detector definition (multiple modules, possibly in 3D) into a single NeXus detector definition together with the mask (and much more in the future)

optional arguments:

-h, --help
show this help message and exit
-V, --version
show program's version number and exit
-o OUTPUT, --output OUTPUT
Output nexus file, unless detector_name.h5
-n NAME, --name NAME
name of the detector
-m MASK, --mask MASK
mask corresponding to the detector
Base detector name (see documentation of pyFAI.detectors
Geometric distortion file from FIT2D
-dx DX, --x-corr DX
Geometric correction for pilatus
-dy DY, --y-corr DY
Geometric correction for pilatus
-p PIXEL, --pixel PIXEL
pixel size (comma separated): x,y
-S SHAPE, --shape SHAPE
shape of the detector (comma separated): x,y
-d DARK, --dark DARK
Dark noise to be subtracted
-f FLAT, --flat FLAT
Flat field correction
-v, --verbose
switch to verbose/debug mode

This summarizes detector2nexus