dh-exec-filter(1) Debhelper executable file filtering scripts


#! /usr/bin/dh-exec
[hurd-i386 kfreebsd-any] debian/non-linux/some-file /usr/lib/my-package
<stage1> src/compiler1 /usr/bin


Being a sub-command of dh-exec(1), this program must not be ran directly, but through dh-exec, which automatically runs all available sub-commands if run bare; or explicitly with dh-exec --with=subst.

It is a wrapper around the various other filtering helpers, and will pipe the input file through all the available filtering helpers. It is up to these scripts to do the actual work.


Filters out lines that are not for the current architecture. A line can be pre- or post-fixed with a bracketed list of architectures, and it will be kept only if building on one of the architectures.

The filter supports negation and wildcards, with the same syntax as dpkg-architecture(1).

Introduced in version 0.13.

Filters out lines that do not match the build profiles in effect. One can use the same syntax as in debian/control files. If any of the profiles match, the line will be kept, otherwise it gets filtered out.

If a profile is specified, but DEB_BUILD_PROFILES is unset, an error will be thrown.

Introduced in version 0.13.

Removes commented and empty lines.

Introduced in version 0.13.



Indicates which directory the command-specific scripts should be sought for. If not specified, scripts will be searched for in /usr/share/dh-exec/.



The various scripts for the higher-level program.


The sub-command was introduced in dh-exec version 0.13.


dh-exec-filter is copyright © 2011-2015 by Software Freedom Conservancy, Inc.