dh-make-elpa(1) helper for creating Debian packages from ELPA packages


dh-make-elpa [--pkg-emacsen] [make]


dh-make-elpa will try to create the files required to build a Debian source package from an unpacked GNU Emacs ELPA package.

dh-make-elpa is an experimental script that performs a lot of guesswork. You should throughly verify the contents of the debian/ directory before uploading


Default command if no command is given. Creates debianisation from scratch. Fails with an error if debian/ directory already exists.


Sets "Maintainer", "Uploaders", "Vcs-Git" and "Vcs-Browser" fields in debian/control according to the Team's conventions.

This option is useful when preparing a package for the Debian Emacs Addon Packaging Team <https://pkg-emacsen.alioth.debian.org>.


Upstream remote
The remote for upstream's git repository should be called 'upstream'. You can use:

git clone -o upstream https://foo/bar


Written and maintained by Sean Whitton <[email protected]>.

A great deal of the library code used by dh-make-elpa, and its object-oriented structure, comes from dh-make-perl(1), written and maintained by the Debian Perl Group.