dh_haskell_depends(1) calculates Haskell dependencies on Cabalized libraries


dh_haskell_depends [debhelperĀ options] [-Xpackage] [--exclude=package] [file ...]


dh_haskell_depends is a debhelper program that helps with calculating dependencies for building Haskell libraries.

It automates building libraries for the different supported Haskell systems in Debian.

This script writes the debian/$package.substvars file, including in it the haskell:Depends, haskell:Recommends, haskell:Suggests and haskell:Extra-Depends variable. So, to use this package, include in the Depends: field in debian/control ${haskell:Depends}, and do the same for Recommends, Suggests and Extra-Depends.


hugs and ghc are the only supported targets at the moment. Cabal does not yet support nhc98.


John Goerzen <[email protected]>

Based on ideas in dh_python by Josselin Mouette <[email protected]>