dma-migrate(8) convert the DragonFly Mail Agent's queue files


[-v ] [-d spooldir ]
[-h | -V ]


The utility is used to convert the mail queue files in the dma(8) spool directory to the latest spool directory format supported by the installed version of dma(8). Currently it only handles the conversion from a single file containing both message and delivery metadata to the M/Q format.

The following command-line options are available:

Specify the location of the dma(8) spool directory, default /var/spool/dma
Display usage information and exit.
Display program version information and exit.
Verbose output - display diagnostic messages.


The operation of the utility is currently not influenced by environment variables.


The utility looks for the dma(8) mail queue files in the /var/spool/dma directory, unless another location is specified by the -d command-line option.


The utility will scan the whole spool directory and attempt to convert all suitable files there. If there are no files to be converted, or if all the conversions are successful, it will complete with an exit code of zero. If any conversion errors are encountered, a message will be displayed to the standard error stream and will exit with an exit code of 1 after attempting to convert the rest of the suitable files in the spool directory.


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An Peter Pentchev Aq [email protected]