dmx_section_cb(9) DVB demux TS filter callback function prototype


int dmx_section_cb(const u8 * buffer1, size_t buffer1_len, const u8 * buffer2, size_t buffer2_len, struct dmx_section_filter * source);



Pointer to the start of the filtered section, e.g. within the circular buffer of the demux driver.


Length of the filtered section data in buffer1, including headers and CRC.


Pointer to the tail of the filtered section data, or NULL. Useful to handle the wrapping of a circular buffer.


Length of the filtered section data in buffer2, including headers and CRC.


Indicates which section feed is the source of the callback.


This function callback prototype, provided by the client of the demux API, is called from the demux code. The function is only called when filtering of sections has been enabled using the function dmx_ts_feed.start_filtering. When the demux driver has received a complete section that matches at least one section filter, the client is notified via this callback function. Normally this function is called for each received section; however, it is also possible to deliver multiple sections with one callback, for example when the system load is high. If an error occurs while receiving a section, this function should be called with the corresponding error type set in the success field, whether or not there is data to deliver. The Section Feed implementation should maintain a circular buffer for received sections. However, this is not necessary if the Section Feed API is implemented as a client of the TS Feed API, because the TS Feed implementation then buffers the received data. The size of the circular buffer can be configured using the dmx_ts_feed.set function in the Section Feed API. If there is no room in the circular buffer when a new section is received, the section must be discarded. If this happens, the value of the success parameter should be DMX_OVERRUN_ERROR on the next callback.