dnetcat(1) opens a DECnet connection


dnetcat {-h|--help}

dnetcat [-v] [-z] node[::|[::] ]object

dnetcat [-v] [-f] -l object


dnetcat is a netcat(1) like tool that opens a DECnet connection and copies all data between the standard input/output to/from the socket.



Be verbose. Prints useful (debug) messages.


Zero IO mode. In this mode a connection is dropped directly after it is opened. This can be used to scan if the remote side listens on the given address and object.


Listen mode. In this mode dnetcat accepts connections on the given object.


Fork on new connection. This let netcat accept multiple connections in listen mode. This is ignored if -l is not given.

--help, -h

Prints a small help.


This program can be used as 'ProxyCommand' for ssh(1). You may use it via command line like this:
 ssh -o 'ProxyCommand dnetcat %h ssh' [...] mynode

or you may use it in your ~/.ssh/config like this:
 Host *::
 ProxyCommand dnetcat %h ssh

This will enable you to connect to any DECnet node by adding "::" at the end of the node name like this:
 ssh mynode::

For more information on ssh(1) see it's manpage.


This program is written by Philipp "ph3-der-loewe" Schafft <[email protected]>.