dnsscope(1) A PowerDNS nameserver debugging tool


dnsscope [OPTION]... INFILE


dnsscope takes an INFILE in PCAP format. It generates some simple statistics outputs these to STDOUT.


Path to a PCAP file.
-h | --help
Show the help.
Only process packets in INFILE with the RD (Recursion Desired) flag set. By default, we process all DNS packets in INFILE.
Process IPv4 packets. On by default, disable with --ipv4 false.
Process IPv6 packets. On by default, disable with --ipv6 false.
Figure out subtrees that generate servfails.
-l | --load-stats
Emit per-second load statistics (questions, answers, outstanding).
-w | --write-failures FILENAME
Write weird packets to a PCAP file at FILENAME.
-v | --verbose
Be more verbose.


Joerg Jungermann (jj+debian At borkum.net).