dnsubmit(1) Submit a batch job on a VMS system


dnsubmit [options] file-name
dnprint [options] file-name


dnprint and dnsubmit send files to a VMS machine for printing or batch execution. These command behave similarly to the VMS PRINT/REMOTE and SUBMIT/REMOTE commands in that you get very little control of the queueing mechanism.
dnprint always prints to the queue SYS$PRINT and dnsubmit always submits to SYS$BATCH. Of course you can always redirect these queues using logical names.
See the man page for dncopy for a discussion of VMS file specifications.


-T connect timeout
Specifies the maximum amount of time the command will wait to establish a connection with the remote node. a 0 here will cause it to wait forever. The default is 60 seconds
-h -?
Displays help for using the command.
Show the version of the tools package that the program comes from.


  dnsubmit 'myvax::myjob.com'

  dnprint 'tramp"christine pjc123"::file.lis'