do_unlinks(1) execute postponed mirror log NEED TO commands


do_unlinks [-ahnv] [-d<directory>] [...<path>]


do_unlinks is a utility perl script which scans mirror log files for lines starting NEED TO and executes a command to remove a file or subdirectory following on the line.


Delete directories as well as files (default: delete only files). This should only be used if the tree was mirrored used algorithm 1.
-d dir
Only do deletes within the directory tree dir (Default: /home/ftp/pub/).
Print a help message and do nothing.
List deletes but do nothing (Default: list and do deletes).
A path to mirror log files.
Verbose listing.


do_unlinks -n /var/log/mirror/*
List all the delete commands found in /var/log/mirror/. The Debian mirror-master control files put the logs of their most recent runs for each mirror package in /var/log/mirror/.


The mirror script outputs NEED TO log lines when the number of files or directories it will delete during a run is greater than permitted by its keywords max_delete_files and max_delete_dirs. This can happen if the remote directory tree is changed near its root. Changing the directory tree locally to match the remote instead of using do_deletes will save downloads.


The author of the do_unlinks script is Lee McLoughlin and the source of the script is:


The copyright statement can be found in the file