doccentral(1) web-based documentation browser


doccentral [document-name]


The only option that can be passed to the doccentral wrapper is a document name (often the same as the name of the package which provides it) for direct access (automatic search for the given parameter).


Doc-Central is a simple tool to help you browse the documentation installed on your Debian system. It uses the doc-base registration entries for documentation to build a list of available documentation. You can view this list via any web browser.

The easiest way to view the doc-central index is to use the doccentral tool, which will look for a webbrowser on your system and start that with the correct page. If for any reason doccentral cannot find a suitable browser or you want to use another one, you can also use the following URL:



Override the normal browser selection from doccentral by specifying a specific browser.
Override the location of Doc-Central (usually localhost)


Guilherme de S. Pastore <[email protected]>
Wichert Akkerman <[email protected]>