dohell(1) Generate load, in parallel of the latency test


dohell [ -b <path> ] [ -s <server> ] [ -p <port> ] [ -m <path> ] [ -l <path> | <duration> ]


dohell generates some load, using commonly available commands, in parallel of the latency(1) test or as part of xeno-test(1).


dohell accepts the following options:


runs the hackbench test repetitively during the run-time of the dohell script;


run nc to continuously send data to a server through network;


if -s is used, specificy the port to which to send data, if not specified, port 9 (aka discard) is used;

-m <path>

run dd to write data to the <path> directory;

-l <path>

mutually exclusive with <duration>; the dohell script runs during two runs of the LTP script found in the <path> directory;


mutually exclusive with -l; run dohell for the given duration in seconds.


dohell -s -m /mnt -l /ltp