xeno-test(1) Run latency test under load


xeno-test [ -l loadscript ] [ latency options ]


xeno-test runs a series of test finishing with the latency test run with a user script to generate load, in order to measure the best case and worst case latencies. The default command used to generate load is "dohell 900".


xeno-test accepts the following options:

-l <loadscript>

run <loadscript> while running latency, in order to measure latency under load, the dohell(1) script is provided for this purpose, see its manual page for more details.

other options

are passed to the latency test, see latency(1) for the list of supported options.


xeno-test -l "dohell -s -m /mnt -l /ltp" -p 100 -g histo