dpt-import-orig(1) gbp import-orig wrapper with upstream tracking support


dpt import-orig [../package_version.orig.tar.gz]


dpt import-orig is a wrapper around gbp import-orig using its --uscan and --upstream-vcs-tag options to fetch and import tarballs and link to upstream Git tags.

If necessary, the git remote is added using dpt-upstream-repo(1).

If a parameter is passed, it's taken as orig tar-ball to import instead of using uscan to download the tar ball. Needed if a newer upstream release has a (from dpkg's point of view) lower version number and gbp bails out over uscan not having downloaded a tar ball.


dpt import-orig reads the "DPT_RM_TARGZ" environment variable to determine if the downloaded .orig.tar.gz should be removed after the import.

See dpt-config(5) for details.


Copyright 2013 Jonas Smedegaard [email protected]
Copyright 2013-2014 gregor herrmann [email protected]
Copyright 2014 David Bremner [email protected]

This program is free software, licensed under the same term as perl.