dtk_move_shape(3) shape displacement

Other Alias

dtk_relmove_shape, dtk_rotate_shape, dtk_relrotate_shape


#include <drawtk.h>

void dtk_move_shape(dtk_hshape shp, float x, float y);
void dtk_relmove_shape(dtk_hshape shp, float dx, float dy);
void dtk_rotate_shape(dtk_hshape shp, float deg);
void dtk_relrotate_shape(dtk_hshape shp, float ddeg);


These functions control the position and the rotation with which the shape shp will be next drawn.

dtk_move_shape() set the translation the shape for the next draws. The position defined by x and y corresponds to the position of the origin of the shape (corresponding to the point (0,0) when the shape has been created).

dtk_rotate_shape() set the rotation (counter-clockwise) of the shape around its origin of the shape. This rotation is performed relatively to the initial posture of the shape (at creation time). The argument deg specify the angle of rotation expressed in degrees.

dtk_relmove_shape() and dtk_relrotate_shape() do the same excepting that their arguments dx, dy and ddeg updates the current parameters of the translation and rotation.


None of these functions returns value.